We need your support

Even little goes a long way...

The cost to run this website is relatively small, with an operating budget of approx. $600 per year. Donations towards development and server expenses are welcomed with a thank you!

How we utilise your donation

  • Server expenses, obviously
  • Occasional pizza prasadam :)

Listen, if we get more than we need to just cover the server hosting, we’ll utilise that for expanding our mission, etc. Will update this page when that happens! :)

(We follow a karma-free diet first offered to the Lord, so you’ll not be engaged in any sinful action/reaction!)

Some of the things I'd like to do

  • speed up development
  • integrated search engine
  • develop all the cool things!

The spiritual sky is the only limit

In spite of being on a shoestring budget, we’re dreaming big and aiming for beyond the stars. With your kind support and blessings, we will try our best to rise above our conditioning and beyond the call of duty.

Do or donate — that's the question

As much as we need monetary support to keep this thing afloat in cyber space, we also need help to build the actual rocket ship in the first place! If you’re interested, please head over to the help page/section, and we’ll get you sorted!

Monthly expenses
Online server & costs $50

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Thanks for your contribution!