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Even little goes a long way

The cost to run this website is relatively small, with a projected operating budget of approximately $1,200 per year. Donations towards development and server expenses are welcomed with a thank you!

What we could do with more
  • speed up development
  • integrated search engine
  • develop all the cool things!
  • print booklets and flyers, etc.
What we’re gonna do with less

Keep churning to get to the nectar of devotional service. Take odd jobs to raise required funds. Our soul aim (pun intended) and solace in this world is to humbly assist Śrīla Prabhupāda in his preaching mission.

The spiritual sky is the only limit

In spite of being on a shoestring budget, we’re dreaming big and aiming for beyond the stars! With your kind support and blessings, we will be able to build some really useful functions, for the benefit of everyone!

Monthly expenses
Web app server(s) $40
Hosted websearch $20
CDN media hosting $20
Argo + geo routing $20
Full time development ???
Yearly total $1200

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