About our humble project

This is a sincere attempt to make a wonderfully simple online repository for collaboration and digital preservation of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s body of teachings. Already our GitHub repository is a source for others to draw from, and have been used in a range of other websites as well.

You can download a full copy of all the data we got and use it on your computer in a text editor, on a phone or iPad with a GitHub-compatbile app (example). We might alse make a branch with less markup (remove links and meta headers), possibly convert to markdown (via Pandoc) for broader compatibility if there is demand.

See this file on GitHub as example of our document markup, the same file is published here. We currently tally 70.000 text documents like this, which serve as the backbone for our website. We’ll consider to expand into translations of the original books as well, with community support.

We envision collaboration between ourselves, Bhaktivedanta Archives and other parties who may be interested. This archive could be used by all of us to draw from and contribute to. Who knows what the future holds…? We want others to be able to utilize such a respository to build amazing things with, even long after we’re gone. In the spirit of sharing, where everyone benefits.

What just happened here?

Sorry for changing this website without prior notice, disrupting our visitors’ reading experience. Due to depleted funds whilst travelling, our older server got cancelled, and I switched over to our development server. My plan was to work on this new version most of last year and have it ready this year, however I met with unforeseen obstacles, and life kept me busy.

The good news is that now our reading experience should be even better, with vertical navigation. And we were finally able to solve our SSL server certificate, thereby making this websites much more attractive for web search. It might take some time before we climb back up again (after recent lasting crash and outage…), but I’m certain this is a better foundation to do so. Haribol! :-)

So reading books works again?

More or less, albeit with some disclaimers: I still need to update many of the books manually, taking some time. After that, I would like to finish Srimad Bhagavatam internal navigation, add images back in at optimized sizes, and I hope to add something new later. I had presentation mode in the works, as well as dark/sepia reading modes. But I’m not a programmer, so things take me much longer to accomplish. (With funding, we could hire and do it fast!)

What about lectures and such?

The documents I have for 1966-71 is based on the old tape ministry files. (1972-1977 is based on the new files). My audio, however reflects the later, unedited files. I need to update all my transcripts to the latest version from VedaBase™. Ekanatha Prabhu has let me know that they will publish a new version at the end of this year, containing many thousands of corrections and updates. When that happens, we will export their latest content and update our repository to reflect that. By that time I hope to have audio up and running again. Until then, we may show you a simplistic view, and will not spend too much time on this functionality for now. After all, we’re mainly here to establish the original books and index.

Missing image galleries & audio

Last year I got an inquiry from the BBTi copyright department regarding our image galleries. So we decided to take them down until we work out what sizes we are allowed to share. We were also unable to pay for media CDN server, which is why the audio isn’t available. I’m hoping to restore this shortly, in the meantime you can use PrabhupadaVani.org for lectures, where we contributed content back in the days.

Transparent funding/donations

Over the years we have received around 3,500 dollars from donors. You can see our total fundraising at Donorbox, in the name of transparency. That covers about half of our web server expenses up till now (since 2015). The rest has come from our own pockets, but we’ve completely run out of pockets! We could blame it on the world economy, but no matter the reason, without funds this website will be forced to shut down.

Got computer, back to work

After a two-year long hiatus without a computer, I finally got a Macbook last year and have been back to working on this site since then. The plan was to have new version up and running before new year, but I met with obstacles, and things took longer than expected. Anyhow, now the main issues are resolved, and I have to catch up on the content side.

Humble plea for donations

The minimum we need for operation is 50 dollars per month to run a server and media CDN. With proper funding, we could run this website with full time editorial staff, develop new functionality and restore old functionality with hired developers, etc. With a budget of 5-10k dollars per year, this operation could increase its potential exponentially.

Do you need a website?

I’m a simple guy, but still need to feed the family. If you need a website similar to this, for your organisation or business, consider consulting me to set it up. We can help with wikis for internal company documentation, and even multilingual, multi-site wiki farms. We have more than ten years of experience in this field, and if it pays the bills, we’re effective. Our company website can be found at vani.wiki. :-)

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