Collected teachings of His Divine Grace

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda

Founder and Spiritual Master of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Recently our developer in Mayapur had his laptop crash. He was working on a big site update, which you can see the result of here, and now it is up to the Editor to put the content in place. If we could raise funds for an iPad mini (cheapest iPad with usb-c to access archive hdd), he can resume services. Now he’s hacking away on an iPhone 6s, which will take another ten years to complete this Archive. With funding we can finish up and move onto pressing matters! to: Sama prabhu! :)

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I’m revamping the website, updating for mobile. Please excuse many things still not working properly, but get around to it shortly! It seems we forgot to set up mail on new server before laptop crash. Contact tech on Telegram @eiv108.

As part of the update we have ugraded our server and software framework, for a much better foundation to reach millions of souls worldwide. We are now officially part of the network, meaning our original source can be utilised on all of their websites.

This project had an old roadmap of where it needed to go in order to become useful for sincere spiritual seekers and students wordwide. I’ll be working double shifts to get books and content up to date. Srila Prabhupada deserves so much more, and I have to become deserving. Haribol! :-)

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