yaḥ abhidhāsyati

  • of one who agrees to exchange your old age for his youth — SB 9.18.37

yaḥ anīśaḥ

yaḥ asau

yaḥ asau aham

yaḥ asi

yaḥ ca

yaḥ ca asmi

yaḥ ca iha

yaḥ prabhuḥ

yaḥ pumān

yaḥ tu

yaḥ tvam

yaḥ vā

yāḥ yāḥ

jagat ca yaḥ

khe avasthitaḥ yaḥ

  • this person Brahmā, who was situated in the higher planetary system in the sky — SB 10.13.15


  • holding conchshell, disc, club and lotus flower in Their hands — SB 10.13.47-48