Spoken by His Divine Grace

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda

Filtered by year=1966

1966-02-19Bg IntroductionNew York
1966-03-02Bg 2.7–11New York
1966-03-04Bg 2.11New York
1966-03-07Bg 2.12New York
1966-03-09Bg 2.12New York
1966-03-11Bg 2.13New York
1966-03-25Bg Excerpts: 2.44–45, 2.58New York
1966-03-28Bg 2.46–47New York
1966-03-30Bhajahū Re ManaNew York
1966-04-01Bg 2.48–49New York
1966-04-05Bg 2.49–51New York
1966-04-12Bg 2.51–55New York
1966-04-15Bg 2.55–58New York
1966-04-19Bg 2.55–56New York
1966-04-25Bg [partially recorded]New York
1966-04-27Bg 2.58–59New York
1966-04-29Bg 2.59–69New York
1966-05-20Bg 3.8–13New York
1966-05-23Bg 3.13–16New York
1966-05-25Bg 3.16–17New York
1966-05-27Bg 3.17–20New York
1966-05-30Bg 3.21–25New York
1966-07-13Bg 4.1 and ReviewNew York
1966-07-18Bg 4.3–6New York
1966-07-20Bg 4.6–8New York
1966-07-22Bg 4.7–9New York
1966-07-25Bg 4.9–11New York
1966-07-27Bg 4.11New York
1966-07-28Bg 4.11–12New York
1966-07-29Bg 4.12–13New York
1966-08-01Bg 4.13–14New York
1966-08-03Bg 4.14–19New York
1966-08-05Bg 4.19New York
1966-08-08Bg 4.19–22New York
1966-08-09Bg 4.20–24New York
1966-08-12Bg 4.24–34New York
1966-08-14Bg 4.34New York
1966-08-17Bg 4.34–38New York
1966-08-21Bg 4.37–40New York
1966-08-24Bg 4.39–5.3New York
1966-08-25LectureNew York
1966-08-26Bg 5.3–7New York
1966-08-27Bg 5.7–13New York
1966-08-28Bg 5.14–22New York
1966-08-31Bg 5.22–29New York
1966-09-02Bg 6.1–4New York
1966-09-04Bg 6.4–12New York
1966-09-07Bg 6.11–21New York
1966-09-08Mahā-mantra LectureNew York
1966-09-09Bg 6.21–27New York
1966-09-14Bg 6.32–40New York
1966-09-16Bg 6.40–42New York
1966-09-18Bg 6.40–43New York
1966-10-02Bg 7.8–14New York
1966-10-07Bg 7.11–16New York
1966-10-09Bg 7.15–18New York
1966-10-12Bg 7.18New York
1966-10-23Bg 7.28–8.6New York
1966-10-26Bg 8.5New York
1966-11-04Govardhana PūjāNew York
1966-11-05Bs. 32 and 38New York
1966-11-15Bg 8.12–13New York
1966-11-16Bg 8.14–15New York
1966-11-17Bg 8.15–20New York
1966-11-18Bg 8.20–22New York
1966-11-19Bg 8.21–22New York
1966-11-20Bg 8.22–27New York
1966-11-21Bg 8.28–9.2New York
1966-11-21Cc. Madhya 20.66–96New York
1966-11-22Bg 9.2New York
1966-11-22Cc. Madhya 20.100–108New York
1966-11-22Cc. Madhya 20.97–99New York
1966-11-23Bg 9.2–5New York
1966-11-23Cc. Madhya 20.118–119New York
1966-11-24Bg 9.4–7New York
1966-11-24Cc. Madhya 20.119–121New York
1966-11-25Bg 9.7–10New York
1966-11-25Cc. Madhya 20.121–124New York
1966-11-26Cc. Madhya 20.124–125New York
1966-11-27Bg 9.11–14New York
1966-11-27Cc. Madhya 20.125New York
1966-11-28Bg 9.13New York
1966-11-28Cc. Madhya 20.137New York
1966-11-29Cc. Madhya 20.137–142New York
1966-11-30Cc. Madhya 20.142New York
1966-12-01Bg 9.15New York
1966-12-01Cc. Madhya 20.144–146New York
1966-12-02Bg 9.15–18New York
1966-12-03Cc. Madhya 20.146–151New York
1966-12-04Bg 9.18–19New York
1966-12-05Cc. Madhya 20.152–154New York
1966-12-06Bg 9.20–22New York
1966-12-07Cc. Madhya 20.154–157New York
1966-12-08Bg 9.22–23New York
1966-12-10Bg 9.23–24New York
1966-12-11Cc. Madhya 20.156–163New York
1966-12-12Bg 9.24–26New York
1966-12-13Cc. Madhya 20.164–173New York
1966-12-14Cc. Madhya 20.172New York
1966-12-16Bg 9.26–27New York