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DateType of audioCity
1968-02-01InterviewLos Angeles
1968-03-09InterviewSan Francisco
1968-03-12Radio InterviewSan Francisco
1968-12-26Interview with LA Times Reporter About Moon TripLos Angeles
1968-12-30Press InterviewLos Angeles
1969-02-12Radio InterviewLos Angeles
1971-07-29Television InterviewGainesville
1971-11-10Interview with ReportersNew Delhi
1972-06-30InterviewSan Diego
1972-08-11Interview with Journalists "God is the proprietor, God is the enjoyer and God is the maintainer"London
1972-09-02Interview with the New York Times [Back to Godhead Article]New Vrindavan
1973-08-06Interview with ReportersLondon
1973-09-12Interview with Macmillan, Professor Gombrich and English ReportersLondon
1974-04-26Interview with MinisterTirupati
1974-06-29Reporters’ InterviewMelbourne
1974-07-04Interview with Envious ReporterChicago
1975-03-05InterviewNew York
1975-05-25Radio InterviewFiji
1975-07-09Television InterviewChicago
1976-06-03Room Conversation with ReporterLos Angeles
1976-06-04Room Conversation with ReporterLos Angeles
1976-06-10L.A. Magazine InterviewLos Angeles
1976-06-10Room Conversation and Interview with Richard from Coronet MagazineLos Angeles
1976-06-12Interview with Jackie Vaughn, State RepresentativeDetroit
1976-06-18Interview with Professors O’Connell, Motilal and ShivaramToronto
1976-06-18Interview with Kathy Kerr Reporter from The StarToronto
1976-06-30Interview with Mike Darby, from Wheeling IntelligencerWheeling, W. Virginia
1976-07-08Interview and ConversationWashington, D.C.
1976-07-14Interview with Newsday NewspaperNew York
1976-07-14Interview with NewsweekNew York
1976-07-16Interview with George Orwell Religious Editor of the Associated PressNew York
1976-07-17Interview with Trans-India MagazineNew York
1976-07-23Interview with Colin Cross Religion Editor of The ObserverLondon
1976-07-27Radio Interview with Mike Robinson from London Broadcasting CompanyLondon
1976-08-17Press Interview at Muthilal Rao’s HouseHyderabad
1976-10-16Press InterviewChandigarh
1976-12-31Press InterviewBombay
1977-04-05Interview with Mr. Koshi [Asst. Editor of The Current Weekly]Bombay