Lectures & Conversations with His Divine Grace

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhuhpada

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1968-01-06Gaurāṅga Bolite HabeLos Angeles
1968-01-08Cc. Madhya 6.254Los Angeles
1968-01-10SB 1.5.2Los Angeles
1968-01-12SB 1.5.4Los Angeles
1968-02-01InterviewLos Angeles
1968-02-02LectureLos Angeles
1968-10-30Īśo Mantra 1Los Angeles
1968-11-05Bs. 29Los Angeles
1968-11-08Brahma-saṁhitā, verse 29Los Angeles
1968-11-08Prasāda After KīrtanaLos Angeles
1968-11-09Bs. LectureLos Angeles
1968-11-10SB 3.25.13Los Angeles
1968-11-13LectureLos Angeles
1968-11-14Lecture on Twenty-four Elements [partially recorded]Los Angeles
1968-11-15LectureLos Angeles
1968-11-18Six Gosvāmīs Lecture, Śrī Śrī Ṣaḍ-gosvāmy-aṣṭakaLos Angeles
1968-11-23Bg As It Is IntroductionLos Angeles
1968-11-25Bg 2.1–10 and TalkLos Angeles
1968-11-27Bg 2.8–12Los Angeles
1968-11-29Bg 2.13–17Los Angeles
1968-11-29Talk Before ClassLos Angeles
1968-12-01Talk, Initiation Lecture, and Ten Offenses LectureLos Angeles
1968-12-02Bg 7.1Los Angeles
1968-12-02SB 2.2.5Los Angeles
1968-12-04LectureLos Angeles
1968-12-06Bg 2.26Los Angeles
1968-12-09Disappearance DayLos Angeles
1968-12-11Bg 2.27–38Los Angeles
1968-12-13Bg 2.40–45Los Angeles
1968-12-16Bg 2.46–62Los Angeles
1968-12-19Bg 2.62–72Los Angeles
1968-12-19Initiation LectureLos Angeles
1968-12-20Bg 3.1–5Los Angeles
1968-12-21Nitāi-Pada-KamalaLos Angeles
1968-12-22Press ReleaseLos Angeles
1968-12-23Bg 3.6–10Los Angeles
1968-12-23Recorded Speech to Members of ISKCON LondonLos Angeles
1968-12-25Prayers by King KulaśekharaLos Angeles
1968-12-25WeddingLos Angeles
1968-12-26InterviewLos Angeles
1968-12-26Prayers to the Six GosvāmīsLos Angeles
1968-12-26Hari Hari BiphaleLos Angeles
1968-12-27Bg 3.11–19Los Angeles
1968-12-28Śrī Śrī ŚikṣāṣṭakamLos Angeles
1968-12-29Gaurāṅga Bolite HabeLos Angeles
1968-12-30Bg 3.18–30Los Angeles
1968-12-30Press InterviewLos Angeles
1968-12-31Ārati SongLos Angeles
1969-01-01Bg 3.31–43Los Angeles
1969-01-02Śrī-Śrī-Gurv-aṣṭakamLos Angeles
1969-01-03Bg 4.1–6Los Angeles
1969-01-04Parama KoruṇaLos Angeles
1969-01-06Bg 4.7–10Los Angeles
1969-01-06Gaurāṇgera Duṭi PadaLos Angeles
1969-01-07Bhajahū Re ManaLos Angeles
1969-01-08Bg 4.11–18Los Angeles
1969-01-08Maṅgalācaraṇa PrayersLos Angeles
1969-01-09Bg 4.19–25Los Angeles
1969-01-09Gaurāṅga Bolite HabeLos Angeles
1969-01-10InitiationsLos Angeles
1969-01-10Gaura PahūLos Angeles
1969-01-11Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya PrabhuLos Angeles
1969-01-12Bg 4.34–39Los Angeles
1969-01-13Lecture [partially recorded]Los Angeles