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1960-03-28Dr. Y. G. Naik M.Sc., Ph.Dplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigLetter to: Dr. Y. G. Naik M.Sc., Ph.D — March 28, 1960

Letter to: Dr. Y. G. Naik M.Sc., Ph.D

Dr. Y. G. Naik M.Sc., Ph.D.,

Principal Gujarat College,

Dean, Faculty of Science,

Gujarat University Ahmedabad

Dear Dr. Naik,

Your letter dated 20 March 1960 redirected from my Hd Qrs. (Vrindaban) is duly in hand and I am very much encouraged to go through the contents which are full of valuable informations. The subject matter discussed in my article under reference is authorized as far as it refers to the conclusion of Geeta.
1960-09-18Visitors’ Bookplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigLetter to: Visitors’ Book — September 18, 1960

Letter to: Visitors’ Book

[From the Visitors’ Book]


2430 Chippi Wada Kalan

I am pleased to write herein that I have come to Delhi from my H.Q. 1/859 Kesi Ghat, Vrindaban (U.P.) purely on spiritual mission to propagate the cult of devotional service of the Lord. And I am more pleased to mention herewith that Sriman Sri Krishna Sharma, Haribhaktan das, has provided me with a suitable room for my literary activities. I am publishing an English fortnightly magazine o…
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