Letter to: Sri Govinda

Sri Govinda
December 6

Evanston, Illinois 

My dear Sri Govinda das: 

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter undated together with clippings and photos, and thank you very much. I think the article about the book distribution at the airport is indirectly an advertisement. People will come to know about our books and our movement. Here in Bombay they also have the complaint that we are nuisance. What can be done? The writer of the article calls us Hare Krishnas. He calls us this over and over again. He does not know that by doing this he is chanting the holy name and will be benefited. Just like during Lord Caitanya’s time, the Muhammadans used to joke how the devotees were chanting Hare Krishna. One of the officers said to his subordinate that it was all right that they were chanting, but why was he chanting. And the man had to admit that yes he was also chanting and that he did not know why he was doing it. So by writing this article, this man is chanting. 

They say that you are all my disciples. So the guru is not on the scene. He has fled away and nobody knows where he is, but the Krishna consciousness program is going on. That was also going on during the time of Lord Caitanya. In South India He used to travel, and in a village He would meet some man and induce him to chant, and the man would become a devotee, and Lord Caitanya would go away, but still the man would continue to chant. So, I am not personally present, but still things are going on, and it is increasing. So the books are selling and we are expanding. This book distribution is the brihat mrdangam. It is the greater preaching. Anyway, you have replied properly to the article that this may be some isolated incident. 

Yes, as you have said in your reply they must see what kind of life our men are living. Our books are better than the nonsense books. You have written them to the point. And, even if there is some complaint, they are getting the real thing from our books. they are forgetting the aim of life. Somehow or other, we have to give them the real thing. Why this one man should be envious? In the history of the world, especially the Western countries, there is no record of selling religious books so many daily. It is unique in the history. Our men are doing good, that they do not see. They are so blind. But, the end justifies the means. We have to give them even if they do not want it. That is our duty. 

Actually what is our aim? Our aim is to create men of ideal character. And, if our men are distributing books on this account, they are doing the best service to the society. Because someone has said something in the airport, that is not very 

important. What we are doing that they must see. See their sacrifice, what is behind their life, how they are living; how they have sacrificed everything for the welfare of society. In our society there is no distinction between black or white, Hindu or Muslim. Every living being is welcome to take to this cult, and make his life a successful affair. 

Regarding your question, actually it is a fact that ultimately everyone should preach and distribute books if they want to please me in the best way. Book distribution must be given stress always. He has spoken the right thing. If you do this sincerely, it is a fact that Krishna will supply everything else required. So you say that your men are like the four Kumaras disobeying Lord Brahma. Does it mean you are Brahma? But, it is a fact. Here in India we are not arranging for publishing Hindi books and other languages for profuse distribution in India. That is my immediate program. I blindly follow my guru maharaj. I do not know what is the result. So I am stressing on this point of book distribution. He told me this personally. 

Book distribution is bhagavata marga and temple worship is pancaratriki viddhi. Both are important for cultivating Vaisnavism but comparatively speaking bhagavata marga is more important than pancaratriki viddhi. As far as possible both should go on in parallel lines but still bhagavata marga is more important than the other. 

So you are all intelligent boys, so you should judge the desire of my guru maharaj and help me in that way. Regarding the temple management, one man can be left behind, while the others go out, to take care of the Deity. And, you can come home at night and take prasadam sumptuously. Once eating sumptuously is enough to maintain body and soul together. In the daytime you may not take, and at night you can take. As a matter of fact, a devotee may take only once in a day either in the day or night, and whenever you eat, you must first offer. But I do not mean you should neglect temple life. Do not misunderstand this. But, one man can remain, and so far the other devotees are concerned, they can eat once in the day or night, after having kirtana, then six hours of sound sleep, and this will maintain their health properly. 

So on the above statements you must make some compromise. Both Tripurari and yourself are intelligent. Sometimes we may differ, but Krishna is the center. Just like in Vrindaban there is Radharani’s party and there is Candravali’s party. So Krishna is the center of both parties. So even there there is competition between the parties, but they coincide in Krishna. 

Regarding the seminar, that is very good. April or May will be good, but May will be very good. I can come at that time. 

I hope this meets you in good health. 

Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami