Letter to: Saurabha

May 26

My dear Saurabha das: 

Please accept my blessings. I may inform you that the Governor of U.P. has accepted the invitation to become Chief Guest at our temple opening. Now many big men will come. So we have to arrange very nicely for their accommodation. The Governor will require a special apartment for his staying. 

It is all Krishna’s grace. Bon Maharaja had to go several times to get the Governor, but with one letter he has accepted our invitation. Our movement is being accepted. They are saying that Swamiji is doing nice things. So it is up to you Europeans and Americans to push it all over the world, and one day you will be the leaders of the world. It is not difficult. You just have to work sincerely and intelligently. Krishna will do everything. 

Enclosed is a copy of the Governor’s letter. 

I hope this meets you in good health. 

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.