Letter to: Gurudasa

May 26
Los Angeles


My dear Guru das, 

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated May 17th, 1972, and I have noted the contents carefully. You have gone to Kanpur and met with the Singhania family and you have had some very cordial dealings with him, so in this way, if you canvass him very sincerely and gently he can alone build our Vrndavana temple, and we shall build the residential quarters. So you maintain this close relationship with Sri Singhania and gradually try to convince him of our activities around the world. This is a new thing that Americans and Europeans will come to Vrndavana for spiritual progress, so he and other rich men of India should do their duty to these outsiders by providing them with the nice facilities for advancing in Krishna Consciousness. 

Regarding Devananda Maharaja, yes, he is very sincere devotee, but one thing is, he can be molded by any tricky man, so give him all encouragement to preach there in Vrndavana and he will gradually build up his defense against being easily misled. 

So far your question regarding women, I have always accepted the service of women without any discrimination, so I have no objection if Yamuna devi contributes her ideas on this construction project. Nothing should be done without group consultation. Our work in Vrindaban and elsewhere should be encouraged by good consultation. One thing is, kindly arrange for the tube well as quickly as possible, there must be sufficient water supply installed immediately. This is very important item. 

In Delhi my books were printed by one Mr. Kanshiram and his son Omkar at the New O.K. Press in Churiwalla, Delhi. So you may approach them and as soon as they hear about my books they will print them very cheaply. Enclosed find the carbon copy of one letter to Sriman Omkar and also one letter to Mr. Isho Kumar Puri of Atmaram & Son Book Publishers, so kindly note their contents carefully. I am now interested to print our books in India and distribute them very widely. So our Ksirodakasayi is finding difficulty by himself, so they are thinking to form one committee of Ksirodakasayi, Ramananda and Niranjana, yourself and others, and I want that all of you conjointly chalk out some plan for translating, composing, laying out and printing our books in Hindi language and also in English language and distributing them very profusely. 

I have received one letter from Kenneth Keating, American ambassador to India, and it is a very important document. But I have still not heard from you anything about the food contribution by your government, so I shall be anxiously awaiting news of same. But the comments by Mr. Keating are very nice, he offers us his admiration and his blessings for our selfless work, and that is a very great compliment coming from such an important man. So you are the best diplomat, you know how to mix with such big men and they are always giving you their blessings, so I am very much pleased that you are the best man for this work. Kindly continue your good relations with Mr. Keating, and I shall be be very glad to see him again when I come there in the near future. 

Hoping this will meet you in good health. 

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami,