Letter to: Damodara

December 3

My dear Damodara, 

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of November 25, 1971, and I have noted the contents carefully. Enclosed please find one copy of Gayatri mantra and one sacred thread duly chanted on for your wife, Mrganetri dasi. Hold a fire yajna and give her Gayatri mantra. Rupanuga has a tape of me reciting Gayatri mantra, so you can get this from him. One thing is that the tape should be heard through earphones into the right ear. 

I am very glad to hear that a new devotee has given $6,500 to your temple. A similar report has just come from Hansadutta in Hamburg, Germany. So it is a very good sign that people are coming and of their own accord giving everything, that is the proof of your powerful preaching work. If we simply remain pure and become very convinced of this Krishna philosophy, any sane man will agree with us when we speak. And if we are determined to please Krishna with our routine work despite all kinds of economic handicaps, He will provide all relief. Just see. If preaching is strong, management will be strong. That is the rule. 

I’m especially pleased to hear that your distribution of our books and magazines has increased. Go on in this way, increasing more and more. Each time someone reads some solid information about Krishna his life becomes changed in some way. These literatures are the solid ground upon which our preaching stands, so I want that they should be available to everyone, as many as possible. So please try for this. 

You mention ghosts. So far I have experience, the best way to remove them is to chant Hare Krishna very loudly and have jubilant kirtana until they leave. In England, on Mr. John Lennon’s house where I was staying in 1969, there was one ghost. But as soon as the devotees began chanting very loudly, he went away immediately. 

You may be pleased to know that this morning I met here in Delhi with your American Ambassador to India, Mr. Kenneth Keating. He has got very good respect for our Movement, and he has promised to help me to arrange a meeting with your President when I shall return to your country perhaps by late Spring. I have requested him to help this Movement and that help will save your country from great danger by turning hippies into happies. Generally I don’t have much faith in these politicians. They are no more interested for the welfare of the citizens. Simply they want some votes to exploit others. But let us see what can be done. 

If you have got clippings from all the Delhi papers reporting about our pandal program, why not duplicate and distribute to all the centers for their preaching propaganda? 

Thank you for the enclosures. I hope this meets you in good health and cheerful mood, 

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami