Letter to: Ishan

June 10
Los Angeles

3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034 

My Dear Ishandas,  

Please accept my blessings, and offer the same to your wife, Bibhavati, and your daughter, Brajadevi. I think Brajadevi is nicely grown up and she must be sitting up by this time. 

So your description of Copenhagen is very encouraging, and I am also glad that you are realizing that actual help does come from Krishna. Our duty is to render service unto Him sincerely, and immediately Krishna arranges for all facilities. From the description of your letter it appears that you are not at all inconvenienced, so try to organize this center to your best capacity helped by your wife who is very intelligent girl. I have received one letter from Tamal Krishna and he is anxious to know about your progress, so I hope you have already informed him. 

I think you should stick to the principles of ISKCON programs namely holding classes in our center and distributing literatures as far as possible. You have already got a nice place to hold class, and one boy has already joined you. These are good signs. One of our students, perhaps you know him, Vamandevdas, he also went to St. Louis along with his wife, and he has organized the center very nicely within a very short time. Not only that, he has purchased a house also there. Similarly another student, Goursundar, went to Hawaii along with his wife, and he is also doing very nice there. I am sure you will also very soon improve the Copenhagen center because both of you are sincere devotees. 

So occasionally please keep me informed about your advancement. Depend on Krishna, and everything will be alright. For further direction consult with Tamal Krishna. 

Hope this will meet you in good health. 

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami