Letter to: Gaurasundara

November 20

My dear Gaurasundara, 

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 17, 1969 with enclosed check for $30 for my maintenance, and I thank you very much. Regarding the house, I think there is indication of Krishna that we shall have our own house in Hawaii. Usually we do not wish to have our own house, but when Krishna offers it we must take the facility without any hesitation. In Boston also, Satsvarupa was put into similar trouble, and by the Grace of Krishna he has got now our own house and we have established our own press there also. The description of the house as you have given appears to be very nice, because it is near to the University of Hawaii. If by the Grace of Krishna you get the bank loan, I think that you can take the risk. For Krishna, to take some risk is also devotional service. That is ordered by the Gosvamis: krishnarthe akhila chesta. This means for Krishna’s sake to do everything possible. From San Francisco when I pushed you alone for Hawaii, you did not know where you were going, where to stay, and what to do. But since more than one year you have struggled very hard, and gradually you are getting some foot in that distant place, and your good wife, Govinda Dasi is helping you. Also, some very nice assistants have joined you, so try for Krishna to do your best. That is our duty. Success or no success: it doesn’t matter. The only thing is that we should try our best. So that I know you are doing your best, and Krishna will be very much pleased upon you all. 

Srimati Jayasri Dasi sent me some dried banana chips and they are very nice for my Ekadasi food. Is it possible to send us in large quantity this foodstuff? If not, please try to send me at least one small packet like that every fortnight. It is very nice. The mango pulp, a sample of which was also sent to me, I don’t think it has come out very nice, so there is no need of sending it. Here the preaching work is going on nicely. Sankirtana Party is going on, and they have got many engagements. Just now they have got four days engagement in Germany. More than one half dozen devotees have gone there now, and they will also install the Radha-Krishna Murtis. They have taken the Murtis there with them. What did you do with the Murtis you received from Calcutta? Are they being worshiped regularly as I showed you during my stay at your place? Radha-Krishna seva should be done very nicely, and all the members should always be cleansed. I have personally