Gargamuni — November 20, 1969

My dear Gargamuni, 

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 17, 1969 with check for 63 and the bank receipt also. Tamala Krishna has gone now to Germany with the Sankirtana Party to install Radha-Krishna Deities there. I hope by this time you have received the shipping documents and invoice sent by the Bank of Baroda as well as by me. So after clearing the goods, please let me know how you have received them. Regarding your expenditures, we do not mind if there is no saving. Our policy should be to collect millions of dollars and spend also millions of dollars or sometimes more. But we should be very careful that we may not be extravagant. For necessary expenditures we have no grudge. I do not know what you are eating, but the eating program should be nutritious and simple, not luxurious. That means capatis, dahl, vegetables, some butter, some fruits and milk. This is necessary for keeping good health. But we should not indulge in sweetballs or halevah or like that daily. Too much first-class eating may stimulate our sex desires, especially sweet preparations. Anyway, eat Krishna Prasadam, but be careful that we may not indulge in luxury. For Krishna we can offer the most beautiful preparations, but for us Prasadam should be very simple. Regarding decoration of the Deities, that is very nice. They should always be very attractive so people who come will be attracted. So, as far as possible economize, and there is no need of savings. But because we are trying to purchase our own building we will have to save something because in the future we will have to pay large monthly installments. I have heard from Tamala that there is a nice church, and they are asking 100,000. Is that negotiation still going on? If so, you can let me know what is the position. Now I shall be very soon going to Boston, and then I shall go to Los Angeles. So what will be the arrangement for my stay there? I shall be glad to hear from you conveniently. 

Please offer my blessings to the others. I hope this will meet you in good health. 

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami 

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