Letter to: Yamuna

May 27
New Vrindaban

My dear Yamuna, 

Please accept my blessings. I have received your last three letters, and in the last one, dated 24th May, 1969, you have inquired about the Jagannatha Car. The crimson color with silver decorations is quite all right. There is no strict regulation about decorating the cars. We can decorate the cars very fascinatingly with gold, silver, and other shiny metallic embroidery work as far as possible. The idea is the more we decorate Krishna, who is nondifferent from His car also, the more we become decorated indirectly. We are compared as the shadow of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and as it is stated in the Bible also, man is made after God. We understand from the scriptures that Krishna has His Vigraha, or Spiritual Body, exactly like a man who has two hands, two legs and all similar features. If you decorate your face, you do not see directly how your face has become beautiful, but when you see the reflection of your face in the mirror, then indirectly you can see the beauty. Therefore, by serving Krishna directly the result of the service indirectly comes to us. Just like we offer very nice prasadam directly to Krishna, but indirectly we enjoy the nice taste of the prasadam. So we should always remember this, that Krishna is always full in Himself; He does not want a pinch of our help for his satisfaction, but if we try to satisfy Him in so many ways as directed by acaryas and scriptures, indirectly we become benefited by such activities. So try to nicely observe this Rathayatra Festival in London, and Syamasundara has already informed me about the scheme that three cars will be drawn to some park on the Thames, etc. So some way or other, if you can introduce this Car Festival in London, by all means London center will be successful. I doesn’t matter if you can or cannot establish a temple there, but if you can introduce the Rathayatra Festival, surely it will be a great success. So try to execute this will as far as possible. 

I am writing Mataji Syamadasi in Hindi, which letter may be delivered to her. She has invited me to go to London to take part in her temple, but if I go there, the passage money should come from there. Wherever I go the center who invites me sends the passage money at least for two. Besides that, Leicester is far away from London, 125 miles. Of course there are many Indians who may be delighted to have a Hindu temple there, but we are especially interested in something else. Our plan is not to sponsor the Hindus or any other individual group. Our real purpose is to spread Krishna Consciousness. This means that there is one God; Krishna, there is one scripture; Bhagavad-gita As It Is, there is one mantra; Hare Krishna, and there is one work; service of Lord Krishna. We want to preach this cult all over the world, and I am sure people from all groups of religion will join us. If we establish a temple on the principles of Mataji, it is also very nice, we may draw the attention of a section of Hindus, but we cannot really execute our ideals. So we cannot be very much enthusiastic in this connection. She is undoubtedly a good devotee of Krishna, but she has to learn the science of Krishna Consciousness, I hope this will meet you in good health. 

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami