Letter to: Syamasundara

November 24
Los Angeles

My dear Syamasundara, 

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of November 20th and it has given me great satisfaction to see how the London center is progressing nicely. All six of my disciples which I have sent to London are very sincere servants of Krishna and you simply remember to continue in this way and your activities will continue to bring nice results. When we remember always to have unflinching faith in the spiritual master and the message of Krishna then automatically we become free from the attacking Maya. In the material concept also everyone is trying to avoid the onslaughts of Maya but with no success. To the sincere devotee, however, this ocean of maya is easily crossed by the cool breeze of Krishna’s Grace. So this is our business, to submit to Krishna’s desire to have us back with Him in the eternal sky of Krishna Loka. And when we are determined in this way we become transcendental to the so-called hardships of place and circumstance. 

I am pleased to learn that you are singing the Cintamani prayers of Brahma Samhita. This Brahma Samhita contains the highest of all spiritual knowledge. In lecturing too if we sing a verse from Brahma Samhita and then nicely explain the meaning it will be very much appreciated. Just as Krishna is the All-Attractive principle so, similarly, these Krishna kathas of the Brahma Samhita are All-Attractive and will gain favorable attention from listeners. 

Also your description of progress in kirtana performance with Gurudasa playing sitar and Mukunda playing khole is encouraging. Practically we see that as we sincerely try to improve our chanting for the pleasure of Krishna, Krishna reciprocates and we feel our greatest pleasure which is devotional service to the Lord. So, you may continue with this method, it is very nice and approved by me. 

I have enclosed the letter to Mr. S. S. Dhawan which you have requested. 

Hope you are all well. 

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami 

P.S. The names you have suggested as floating members, are welcome.