Letter to: Gurudasa

November 22
Los Angeles

My dear Gurudasa, 

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of Nov. 14, 1968, and have noted the contents carefully. And I thank you very much for your good reports from London yatra. It is all very much encouraging to me. Yes, I have received a letter from Mr. Dindayal, and I have replied it as follows: 

“My Dear Sriman Petambar Dindayal, 

Please accept my hearty greetings and blessings of Lord Krishna. I am very much encouraged to receive your invitation and I shall consider it a great opportunity when you actually arrange to receive me at your place. When I was in India I heard there that many Indians, specially Hindus, are residing in that part of the world, (South America), even for generations, and they require spiritual guidance by their original Vedic culture. I believe you have read Bhagavad-gita very well and you may remember that in the 15th Chapter it is said that the Lord in His Incarnation as Krishna Daipayana Vyasa compiled the Vedas. The objective of the Vedas is to know Krishna and the Bhagavad-gita is the essence of all Vedic instructions. 

Lord Caitanya made it still easier by introducing the Holy Name of Krishna and it has now become so easy that the cult of Vedic knowledge can be preached all over the world without any difficulty. As evidence of this statement, you may know from me that the Hare Krishna movement is spreading like wildfire all over America, Canada, England and Germany. If you kindly join this movement and help this inundation overflood South America, it will be a great service to the Lord. I am very glad to receive your letter and I accept your invitation. Now you can arrange for it and in the meantime I am sending herewith some papers in this connection, which you may please go through.” 

I sent this letter on Nov. 6, but still I have not got any reply from him, so you can open correspondence with him. I know you are all trying your best there, and Krishna will help you. Even there is no temple, still your service to Krishna is recognized, temple or no temple—we have to do our work. Hope you are all well, 

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami