Letter to: Aniruddha

June 24

Los Angeles 

My dear Aniruddha, 

Please accept my blessings. Just now I understand from Mahapurusa das that you phoned here to inquire whether the temple can be closed for your going to San Francisco on the Rathayatra Festival. Since the temple is started, the temple cannot be closed on any day. This is the serious business of opening a center. In no case, even in the most urgent case, the temple cannot be closed even for a single day. The Deities should be offered prasadam regularly, and worshiped regularly, so if you are going to San Francisco, somebody must remain to look after the temple affairs. 

I am also in due receipt of your letter, dated June 19, 1968. And I am so glad to learn that Sacisuta is doing very nicely. You will be also glad to know that our students who have gone to India, they are also trying and nicely. Yesterday I received one letter from Harivilasa, and I was so pleased to note his activities. Similarly, Subala is also struggling alone but he is doing nicely. Krishna Consciousness is such a thing that it is so nice that it cannot keep anyone idle. Because a conscious person means a living force, and Krishna Consciousness is the topmost consciousness. Therefore anyone who is actually injected with Krishna Consciousness is always anxious to serve in whatever capacity he can. So you can please give Sriman Sacisuta all good encouragement, as I am very much pleased with his good service attitude. Similarly, I am very much pleased to read about Gargamuni’s successful store in S.F. Yes, he is using his good selling ability to serve Krishna, and Krishna is pleased with him so He is giving him all aid to become successful. 

I am glad to hear Dayananda and Nandarani will soon return to L.A., and please let me know when they come, and ask them to write me. I am also very much anxious to hear from them. They are good souls and sincere servants to His Lordship, Sri Krishna. 

Hoping you are well, 

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami