Letter to: Hansadutta

May 14

My dear Hansadutta, 

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated May 13, 1968, and noted the contents. It is very good news that you are getting one bus for traveling with the Sankirtana party. Our first plan was like that—that we should have a nice Sankirtana party and travel all over the country. But since you said that you could not organize such a party, I requested you to go to open a center in Germany. Now our principle business and aim is to preach this Krishna Consciousness movement, and wherever we get the opportunity, we should take advantage of it. Now, it is up to you, to settle up—whether you should go to Germany or travel about here in this country. If you have got at least 6 members for your party, then I would advise you to travel in this country with the Sankirtana party. But if you have no members to assist you, then you can try to open a center in Germany, as our good friend Subala is trying, struggling alone in Sante Fe, and still pulling on. Our only business is to spread Krishna Consciousness to the best of our possibility, and Krishna has given us discrimination and judgment. So, Krishna is within you, you chant and ask Him, Krishna and He will give you proper instruction. 

So far from my side, I can say that if you have got a party who can travel with you, then you can travel with them for some time with the Sankirtana party. If you go in the bus with your Sankirtana party, then we must sell our literatures, magazines, books, records, etc. The whole institution is not in very sound financial position, so we should always remember this position and try to sell our articles so that we may again publish our books and literatures. Back to Godhead is already in difficulty for financial matter. It is giving me some anxiety. Back to Godhead may not be stopped publication—it will be a great setback for our missionary purpose. 

At any rate, we should accept that bus. 

Hope you are well. 

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami