Letter to: Pandit Hitsaran Sharma

Pandit Hitsaran Sharma
3 December

Haneda Tokyu Hotel
Tokyo International Airport
Room No. 610 

My dear Hitsaranji, 

Kindly accept my greetings. I hope by this time you have duly received my letter of the 11th instant from Calcutta. I have sent you manuscripts for Srimad Bhagawatam two volumes. They will be 4th & 5th volumes and the page mark will begin from 1210 (?).I have already informed you that the necessary money will be sent from U.S.A. on hearing from you. Please do begin the printing work immediately. My next address will be as follows: 

c/o I. S. K. C. O. N.
518 FrederickStreet
San Francisco,California 94117 

I hope your new building is by this time complete. Next time when I shall go to India I shall stay either in your house or in the Indian Branch of International Society For Krishna Consciousness. Three of my disciples namely Achyutananda Brahmachary, Ramanuja Brahmachary and Harivilas Brahmachary are left in India, please take care of them. How is Sethji. Please convey my good wishes to him. He can do a lot for the world wide movement of Krishna Consciousness. 

Hope you are well. 

Very sincerely yours,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami