Letter to: Brahmananda

September 15

My dear Brahmananda, 

On arrival in Delhi I received a letter and I request you to take proper care of Gargamuni. Let him take complete rest in the hospital and give him rock candy as advised above. For a diseased person suffering from jaundice, rock candy will be just appreciated and as soon as he regains health the original taste will be appreciated. As soon as it is so the patient is understood to be cured. Regarding money, you can deposit in my savings account #19282 there is a balance in my favor of 27.29 and as soon as it is 100 I shall request them to transfer 100 to my Indian account. Harsarani Dasi writes that she has enclosed $10 but unfortunately I don’t find it. It is therefore risky to send bills like that. The best thing is to deposit bank checks in my above account as I have instructed so there will be no misdelivery. I understand from San Francisco that they have sent you $20 for my maintenance in India so advise them to send from all the centers (6) to you the $10 that they have agreed to pay. You then deposit checks in my account and on hearing from you I shall do the needful. Please advise them not to send money via mail, it is very risky.