Mr. K. B. Mehta — October 3, 1966

Mr. K. B. Mehta

Mr. K. B. Mehta
Assistant Manager
Scindia Steam Navigation Company
Central Bank Building
33 Netaji Subhas Road
Calcutta 1, India 

My dear Mr. Mehta, 

Kindly refer to your letter dated 27th June, 1966. Now, immediately, some foods are to be dispatched from Delhi and Calcutta on my account to New York. You have written to say that the goods should be cleared and passed by the customs under a certain bill. But I do not know who will take charge of clearing these goods and getting them passed by the customs house. If you will, therefore, let me know the name of your clearing agent in Calcutta then I can send the railway receipt to him so that he can clear the goods from railway station and forward to your boat or your ship, and I’m prepared to pay for clearing and forwarding charges. In the meantime, Swami Bhakti Vilas Tirtha of Caitanya Research Institute of 71 B Rash Behari Avenue may send you some goods for forwarding. Please arrange to receive the goods and forward to New York by any one of your freighters. And also let me know by return of post your authorized clearing and forwarding agent. Also let me know whether the goods sent from Delhi may be booked for Calcutta or Cochin port. You can let me know whichever is convenient so that I shall advise my man in Delhi to follow your instruction. You can send a copy of reply of this letter to my agent at Mathura. His address is as follows, Swami B. V. Narayana Maharaja, Kesabji Gaudiya Matha, Kanstila, P. O. Mathura, India. 

My best regards, for you all 

Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta 

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