Letter to: Mangalaniloy Brahmacari

Mangalaniloy Brahmacari
June 11
New York

Sriman Brahmacari Mangalaniloy
c/o messrs. Bhajanlal Srinivasa
P.O. Shillong, Assam

My dear Brahmacari Mangalaniloy, 

I thank you very much for your kind letter of the 3rd inst and I am glad to understand that you are serious for joining me in my great adventure for preaching the message of Rupa Raghunath in these parts of the world. I am confident to see fulfillment of Lord Caitanya’s mission in every corner of the world. His Divine Grace wanted this mission to be fructified during His presence but He was so much disappointed in the last days of His life for many of His follower’s indisciplinary activities. I do not know how far I shall be successful in this attempt but I am trying my best to do this job as He wanted me to do. If your Guru Maharaja Sripada Madhava Maharaja fully cooperate with me in this adventure I am confident to come out successful in my attempt. You have asked me to correspond with him but as he is always in preaching activities it is better you open the negotiation first with him and if he agrees to help me and cooperate with me in the matter of preaching work in the foreign countries, it will be great encouragement for me. Up till now I am working alone without any cooperation of any one of my Godbrothers and it is the first time that you have voluntarily extended your hand to cooperate with me in full spirit. May Srila Prabhupada bestow His Divine Grace upon you. I have already decided to get you here to help me and I am trying my best for your “No objection Certificate” as well as free passage to this country. Most probably you shall be requisitioned by the end of July next and be prepared for this. I want also another assistant who can play Khola very nicely. If you have got anybody in view you may also arrange for his coming here and I shall arrange for him also. If so please immediately send his name and address so that I shall try for his No objection certificate also. While coming here I shall require you to bring with you the following articles namely: (1) Two first class mrdangas (2) Ten pairs of first class karatalas (3) One first class Harmonium (4) one first class Tanpura (5) Four pairs of Ghungar for dancing. 

Regarding the construction of the Temple here in New York and in other places, I have now decided to struggle for it to the end of my life and I am glad that you have decided to follow my instruction in this connection. I think I shall be able to finish this Job even if the Government of India does not allow me any exchange. I am now trying to incorporate one corporation of the local friends and admirers under the name INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS INC Negotiation is going on with the Lawyer to formulate the scheme and as soon as this is incorporated I shall submit application for sponsoring you in this country. 

There is enough money in this country and for temple we may not require to get exchange from India. The only thing is the people of this country must know that this is very important work and by such conviction enough money could be raised from the local people. I hope when you will come I shall get your full cooperation in this connection. Henceforward write in English language. Here English language is very much essential so try to have it practiced fluently. You are educated and it will not be difficult for you. 

There is another impediment for my staying here. My publication work is suspended. You know I have already published three volumes of my Srimad-Bhagavatam and further copies are ready for printing. Please let me know if your establishment can take charge of publishing these books or can manage the publication in my absence. Due to my absence from India the publication is stopped and therefore it disturbs my mind. This publication work is my main function. So at any rate I cannot stop it. I can stop my foreign activities but I cannot stop my publication work. Please let me know if there is any possibility of your institution to look after these affairs during my absence. 

You have asked me to write something about Mr Paul. He is a young man of twenty three years old. He was attending my class at 72nd St. along with others and when there was theft case in my room he invited me to his residence. So I am with him and training him. He has good prospect because he has already given up all so called bad habits. In these country illicit connection with women, smoking, drinking and eating of meats are common affairs besides that other habits like using toilet papers after evacuating etc. But by my request he has given up 90% of his old habits and he is chanting Mahamantra regularly. So I am giving him the chance and I think he is improving. Tomorrow I have arranged for some Prasad distribution and he has gone to purchase some things from the market in the car of a friend. I shall inform him about you when he comes back. Here we have got a big hall and my classes are going on thrice in a week. The rent is $100.00 per month. I think when you come here we shall be able to organize the things more nicely. Please be in regular correspondence with me and offer my respects to Sripada Madhava Maharaja and if possible let me know if there is any possibility of our cooperation in this attempt of foreign propaganda. If so kindly let me know your opinion in this connection. 

Hope you are all doing well and with my good wishes I am 

Yours affectionately,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. 

Please let me know the price of two 


and shall send you cheque on Calcutta bank. ACB