Tirtha Maharaja — February 16, 1966

His Holiness
Sripada B.V. Tirtha Maharaja
Sri Caitanya Research Institute
70 B, Rash Behari Avenue
Calcutta 26, India. 

My dear Sripada Tirtha Maharaja, 

Kindly accept my humble dandabats at your lotus feet. I hope you have duly received my letter of the 4th instant with enclosure of Sir Padampat Singhania the expected donor of the Temple. Since then I have changed my room (Room No 307) as abovementioned in the same building for better air and light and on the road side of junction of two roads the Columbus Avenue and 72nd St. So please note down my change of room only the building being the same. 

Now I am anxiously awaiting your favorable reply because on your reply only I will have to take action in so many other things. My Visa period will be finished by the end of March 1966 and for increasing the period I will have to submit application at least a fortnight before. You know it that America is very much expensive. I am paying rent for my room 70.00 and for my other expenses I spend about 4 dollars a day. In other words I have to spend about Rs 1000/- per month and as such I am counting every day to receive your favorable reply. Kindly therefore reply this letter per return of post what actions you have taken by this time so that I may also arrange my things here accordingly. 

It is my very good experience that your Holiness is very prompt in replying letters and I am very much anxious because I have not received your letter till now. I hope you also received and cashed my cheque for the Vyasa Puja offerings. 

Hope you are all well and thanking you in anticipation for your reply per return of post. 

Yours obediently,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. 

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