Letter to: Mr. A. B. Hartman

Mr. A. B. Hartman
January 14
New York

Mr. A. B. Hartman
New York City 

Dear Sir, 

Re: Your House 143 W. 72nd Street for sale. 

Please accept my greetings. Perhaps you may know me by my name because I am in correspondence with Mr. Baum of Messrs. Phillips, Wood Dolson Inc. in connection with your house at 143 W. 72nd Street. As I do not know your office address so I contacted by phone Mrs Hartman and she was very kind to talk with me. I have already left with me a paper on my mission for which I wanted the place. 

The thing is that Government of India is very strict in getting money from India for expenditure in foreign country. But because the Prime Minister was due to come here and he was personally known to me, I expected to get his special sanction for this purpose and the copy of the letter which I sent him is also enclosed herewith for your reference. 

Now the Prime Minister Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri is suddenly dead and I am greatly perplexed. I do not know whether you have read the paper left with Mrs. Hartman and therefore I am again enclosing a second copy of the same for your kind perusal. The cause is very great and the best advantage of the activity will be enjoyed by the Americans. 

As there is now great difficulty for getting money from India therefore I am requesting you to allow me the place for use of the International Institution For God consciousness at least for some time. The house is lying vacant for so many days without any use and I learn it that you are paying the taxes insurance and other charges for the house although you have no income from there. If you however allow this place for this public institution you shall at least save the taxes and other charges which you are paying now for nothing. 

If I can start the institution immediately certainly I shall be able to get sympathy locally and in that case I may not be required to get money from India. I am also requesting your honour to become one of the Directors of this public institution because you will give a place to start the institution. Thanking you in anticipation for an early reply. 

Yours very sincerely,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.
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