Sumati Morarjee — November 10, 1965

Madam Sumati Morarji Baisaheba, 

Please accept my greetings and blessing of Lord Bala Krishna. I hope you have already received my letter of the 27th ultimo and I hope to receive your reply very soon. And in continuation of my letter as abovementioned I beg to inform you that the number of Hiranyakasipus and Ravanas in this age of Kali increased more than that in other Yugas. Hiranyakasipus are always inimical with the devotees of the Lord even if such devotee happens to be a son. Hiranyakasipu persecuted Prahlada although he was a boy of 5 years old and a beloved son of Hiranyakasipu. As I have already informed you that the American people in general are very much inclined to receive something from Indian culture of spiritual knowledge, they would be a first class recipient for the Bhagavatam culture provided an organized attempt is made for this purpose. The organized method is like this. They should have association of bona fide devotees of the Lord, they should join the Kirtana glorifying the Lord, they should hear the teachings of Srimad-Bhagavatam, they should have intimate touch with the temple or place of the Lord and they should be given ample chance to worship the Lord in the temple. Under the guidance of a bona fide devotee they can be given such facilities and the way of Srimad-Bhagavatam is open for every one. Apart from civilized men like the Americans even the Kirata, Andhra, Pulinda, Pukkasa, Abhira, Sumbha, Yavana, Khasadaya or any other lower caste, all of them can be trained up to be devotees of the Lord under proper guidance of a pure and bona fide devotee. That is the instruction of Sukadeva Goswami imparted to Maharaja Pariksit. 

I think therefore that a Temple of Bala-Krsna in New York may immediately be started for this purpose and as devotee of Lord Bala Krishna you should execute this great and noble work. Till now there is no worshipable temple of the Hindus in New York although in India there are so many American missionary establishments and churches. So I shall request you to do this noble act and it will be recorded in the history of the world that the first Hindu temple is started by a pious Hindu Lady SRIMAT SUMATI MORARJI who is not only a big business magnet in India but a pious Hindu Lady a great devotee of Lord Krishna Krishna. This task is for you and glorious at the same time. 

Simply by casual lectures there is no possibility of any tangible work but the abovementioned standard work will do impress the people what actually the Hindu culture is. I have already seen a nice house for this purpose and if you purchase that house for this purpose as your personal property and give the facility of working then you will see how the mission of Bhagavati cult is being preached here in America beginning from New York. I do not wish to disclose the names of the Hiranyakasipus here in America who are against this Bhagavata preaching. There are so many Indian missionaries like the Ramakrishna Mission, Sivananda Mission etc and all of them are against Bhagavatam culture and every one of them has refused to give facility to speak on the Bhagavati culture. Each of them have their own house but instead of worshiping the Supreme Lord they have created their own God and they try to put such manufactured gods to compete with Lord Krishna. So unless there is a place for me and facility to work systematically, my Bhagavati Mission will not be workable in this place. I have no ambition to become the proprietor of any temple or house in America because what shall I do with them after becoming a Sannyasi but for the facility of work our own house is absolutely required. 

Please therefore purchase a house here in New York and let me work very seriously for this mission of Bhagavatam culture and I am sure that your goodness will not only be recognized by the Lord by you will be recognized by the whole Hindu community. Please take up this work very seriously and on hearing from you without delay I shall let you know further details. 

My term to stay in America will be finished by the 17th November 1965 but believing on your foretelling “you should stay there till you fully 


hope, I shall be able to get them. The house which I have seen for this purpose is just suitable for this great missionary work as if it was built for this purpose only and your simple willingness to do the act will complete everything smoothly. And thinking that you will agree to this I am just giving you an idea of the space etc. 

1. Dimensions 18’6” x 102’2“. Fully air conditioned by 10 ton central unit. 

2. Bronze front approximately 4500 square feet. 

3. The house is practically three storied. Ground floor basement and two stories up with all suitable arrangement for gas heat etc. 

The ground floor may be utilized for preparation Prasadam of Bala Krishna because the preaching centres will not be for dry speculations only but for actual gain for delicious Prasadam. I have already tested how the people here like the Vegetable Prasadam prepared by me. They will forget meat eating and they will pay for the expenses. The American are not poor men like the Indian and if they appreciate a thing they are prepared to spend any amount for such hobby. They are being exploited by simply jugglery of words and bodily gymnastics and still they are spending for that. But when they will have the actual commodity and feel pleasure by eating very delicious Prasadam of Bala Krishna I am sure an unique thing will be introduced in America. As soon as everything is arranged, I shall bring my assistants from India to help me in all details. The price of the house is 110,000 subject to alteration and other expenses 5,144. Immediately cash may be paid on 35,000 and the balance by monthly installments to be completed in 15 years or the whole amount may be paid at once without

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