Gosainji — July 31, 1965

Sri Gorachand Goswami
Sebait Sri Radha Damodar ji
Temple, Sebakunja

My dear Gosainji, 

Please accept my dandabats. Tomorrow I am going to Calcutta to catch my ship M.V. Jaladuta and I am starting for U.S.A. by the 10th of August, 1965 reaching New York after a month. And I have sent you one M.O. for Rs 25/-day before yesterday which I hope you have received in the meantime. I may return to India by November next. 

In the meantime Sri Atmasingh Bajaj will see you with this letter as he is going to Vrndavana sometimes in the next month. He is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and it is this gentleman about whom I talked with you in the matter of Sri Radha Madhavaji Vigraha of Sri Jayadeva Goswami. 

He will erect a grand temple for Sri Radha Madhava jeu and conduct Rajaseva with great pomp and accompanied by Utsavas according to Vaisnava smrtis. 

Please talk with him face to face about the negotiation and on my behalf I shall strongly to accept his proposal not only because he is my friend but also from the angle of improvement of the Seva Pujah. 

I hope both of you will come to some happy agreement just to see improved condition of Seva Pujah. 

Thanking you in anticipation, 

Yours sincerely
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. 

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