Brother — November, 1958

My dear Brother, 

Please excuse me if I have offended you by calling you my dear Brother. Actually you are my dear brother and when you know me you shall be pleased that I have called you as such. 

You are my brother in relation to our common and Eternal Father the Almighty Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna the revealing Author of the great book of Philosophy “Bhagavad-gita.” And from this book of transcendental knowledge, I have known that you and all other living entities, in whatever form they may be, are all my brothers. 

But I know some other less intelligent brothers, who are now in the animal kingdom, will not be able to recognize me even if I address them as my dear brothers, for the reason of their being grossly enwrapped in material consciousness. But as you are a human being and as you have developed the consciousness of a human being, I have ventured to approach you and address you directly “My dear brother.” Please therefore do not mistake my endeavor. 

You may be, although I do not believe it, one of those other brothers who do not believe in the existence of any Person like Godhead our eternal Father. But if you so believe, I shall tell you that you are mistaken. Your conviction as such is due to your either being misled by another waylaid brother or due to your failure to make communion with our Eternal Father. You are not therefore in the right consciousness if you do not believe in Him. 

I am prepared to convince you in every respect that there is our Eternal Father and He wants you and all of us to go back to our permanent home. If you argue that there is no such Father God at all, then I am still more prepared to argue with you in all seriousness. In that case you may kindly let me know your definite view points relevantly so that I may try to reply these points one by one. And should you desire to argue with me, then my only request to you will be that for all such arguments we must be always very sincere and serious. Once we are convinced in that way, we must be prepared to act accordingly. 

You may also argue that if there is any God at all, let Him be peacefully at His pleasure at any place He likes and we have no business with Him whatsoever. In that case I shall again say that you have every business with Him by re-establishing your forgotten eternal relation with Him. 

Suppose you are a rich man’s son and you have left your home, forgetting your father’s property, home and happiness. And if some body gives you information about your paternal property of immense value which you can inherit by your birthright claim, will you neglect that friend? I am sure you will not. I am able to give you such important information. 

I can challenge you that you are not happy in the present set up of your affairs. You may have in your possession your so called accumulated material wealth, health or happiness but still you are always feeling some insufficiency and frustration and thus you are not happy as you ought to have been. If you do not feel like this, then you must be either an abnormal man or a liberated saint or in gross ignorance of lower consciousness. Should you feel yourself abnormally happy, I shall ask you the following plain questions. They are as follows:— 

1) Do you like to die?
2) Do you like to take your birth again?
3) Do you like to be an old man?
4) Do you like to be a diseased man? 

I am sure you shall reply to all these questions by saying the only word “No.” If you think yourself happy then have you solved all the above problems in any way? Have your vast resources of material knowledge helped you in solving these seemingly common but very big problems? Do you think that you shall ever be able to solve the above problems at any length of time? If you say so, I shall again call you in abnormal condition. 

So do not become a madman in false conviction. Do not remain in ignorance for your problems. Be just like a fully developed conscious man and acknowledge that you have never been happy in the true sense of the term neither your ideal of happiness has ever been fulfilled. 

The way in which you are seeking to be happy or trying to make others happy in your manufactured ideology—is called “Maya” or illusion. By such illusory way of making yourself and others happy, you have simply been credited with creation of much disturbances and entanglement for all concerned. That is the record of history of the material world. Empire may come and empire may go, the problems of life remains the same. Please therefore be cool headed and patiently ask within yourself if you are really happy. 

The happiness which you are hankering after is possible to be attained as soon as you learn to introspect yourself within yourself. You are yourself your friend and you are yourself your enemy. You can raise yourself by your self effort and you can down yourself by the same effort. It is simply to know the direction and the way. In the right direction you can make yourself happy in the right way. Please therefore contact us and we shall help you to raise youself to your normal happiness. It is no dream neither any bluff. You shall know yourself how far you have made progress in that path and our duty will be to help you only. Thinking that you shall be a prospective member of our League of Devotees, I am sending you herewith a copy of the Prospectus and I wish most sincerely that you should become an active member of this great institution. Pay or pay not you can become a member without obligation and the League welcomes you always accepting you as the Divine child. 

Yours Sincerely,
For the League of Devotees, 

Abhay Charanarvinda Bhaktivedanta 


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