Anand Prakash — August 14, 1958

Anand Prakash

Sri Anand Prakash,
c/o Rai Sahib Madho Ram & Sons,
Nai Sarak,

Dear Sir, 

As you are a gentleman in public welfare activities, I am in need of your help for advancing the cause of my missionary activities. The programme in nutshell is enclosed herewith in an appeal form which please read and oblige. And on receipt of your reply to this letter, I shall send you my publications both in Hindi and English. 

The whole idea is to preach the cult of Lord Caitanya who desired to bestow upon every living being the highest benefit by transcendental love of Godhead, which alone can bring in peace in the world. 

As an experienced philosopher gentleman of practicality this facet is not hidden before you. According to Lord Caitanya every Indian is competent to do good to the rest of the world. Provided such Indian has fulfilled the mission of life. And the mission of life is to revive the dormant divine consciousness in every living being. 

The process recommended by the Lord is very simple and plain. It is just to create a favorable condition for hearing only the message of Krishna (The Bhagavad-gita) or the messages about Krishna (The Srimad-Bhagavatam) or both and I have therefore come to you for getting your co-operation. I hope you will not deny the co-operation. 

The thing is that the living being is the part and parcel of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna and some way or other he (the living being) has come in contact with the material energy with an enjoying spirit to lord it over the material nature which spirit is a perverted reflection of the Absolute Enjoyer the Lord. In other words the living being due to his desire of becoming an imitation Lord of the material nature, he is suffering the effects of material energy in the shape of threefold miseries as a matter of police action of the strong material nature. The foolish living being is trying to overcome the stringent laws of Nature by different plans which are being frustrated __ regular way. The last snare of Maya or the material __ is an offering of opportunity to become one with __ Absolute thereby misleading him (the __ perpetually to pull on the material bondage under different categories of life. He can only be saved from this turmoil by reviving his consciousness of surrender unto the Lord which only saves him from all effects of sin. That is the last instructions of the Bhagavad-gita. 

Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu who is Krishna Himself in the Form of a devotee preached the cult of the Bhagavad-gita for all practical purposes and benefit of the humanity at large. As it is stated in the Bhagavad-gita that a person who takes the responsibility of preaching the Bhakti cult by all means is the most most favorite person of the lord. This mission has to be taken up in the modern light of understanding and for this purpose I have registered __ association of the name as above mentioned. 

I wish that a personality like you may accept the head man ship of this institution and conduct the missionary work in a suitable manner befitting the time circumstances of the modern civilization. The old way of leaving the matter to the irresponsible class of men will not help the preaching work of this important mission. Responsible gentlemen who are managing all other affairs, must also take up the responsibility of this branch of activity and then it will successful. The present world situation is too much entangled. It is the duty of all sane men to loosen the tightened condition by the simple method of Bhagavad-gita and the result is sure to be successful. 

I hope you will take the matter very seriously and do some practical service for the satisfaction of the Lord. 

Yours faithfully, 

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