Ved Prakash — July 7, 1958

Ved Prakash

My dear Sri Ved Prakash, 

I am in due receipt of your letter No VP 1159/58 D/2/7/58 with thanks and have noted the contents carefully. 

I quite appreciate your feelings for the people of India. But when we speak of humanity it does not necessarily mean Indian only neither it may be restricted within the human society even. “Paropakara” or humanity is meant for all the 84 lacs varieties of living beings. Lord Caitanya said “Praminam Upakaraya” i.e. to say for the benefit of all living being concerned. Then there is the question of opportunity also. While rendering first aid service in the battlefield the Red cross men although equally disposed to all the wounded soldiers—they give first preference to the hopeful ones. The hopeless ones are sometimes neglected. This is a crude example only. 

In India, even after the attainment of Swaraj, the mentality is predominant by “Made in London” ideas. It is a long story. But in nutshell the Leaders of India in the name of secular Government they have engaged themselves in everything foreign. They have carefully set aside the treasure house of India’s spiritual asset and they are imitating the westernised material way of life constantly engaged in the acts of error of judgement, misgivings, imperfectness and duplicity. 

India’s vedic knowledge is above all the conditional defects mentioned above but we Indians at the present moment have neglected such wonderful vedic knowledge. It is due to its improper handling now. The whole vedic literatures namely Vedas and Upanisads are summarized in the Vedanta Sutra which includes the purport of the six Indian philosophical thesises of Kanda, Gautama, Kapila, Patanjali, Astavedya and Vedic Rsis. 

This Vedanta Sutra was compiled by Srila Vyasadeva and by the advice of His Spiritual master Srila Narada—Vyasadeva wrote a commentation of the Vedanta Sutra by compiling Srimad-Bhagavatam. So Srimad-Bhagavatam is the last gift of Srila Vyasadeva to represent an authorized commentation of the Vedanta Sutra and Lord Caitanya’s mission is to preach this cult in every corner of the world in order to make the people really happy. This Vedanta Sutra is now mishandled in India by unauthorized persons of different camps and as such the people are being misguided. Newly sprung up national enthusiasm of the Indian leaders, Industrialists and plan makers, has no time neither desire to understand the message of Vedanta Sutra or even the Bhagavad-gita. You cannot do acts of humanity without proper guidance. The Vedanta Sutra is the proper guidance because the sastra “Athata Brahmajijnasa” is the beginning of an inquiry in the essence of our different engagements. 

So my idea of preaching in the foreign countries means that they are rather fed up with material advancement of knowledge. They are seeking the message guidance of the Vedanta Sutra or for the matter of the Bhagavad-gita in an authorized way. And I am sure that India will again go back to the Vedantic life when the principle is accepted by the Europeans, Americans etc because the Indian people are now in the habit of begging, after neglecting their own property. That was my view point. But all the same we must take only the opportunity of service without any limitation of time and space. More when we meet. 

Hope, now you may have returned from Calcutta. 

Yours etc. 

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