Sri Biswambhar Goswami — December 25, 1956

Sri Radha Vinode Ji Mandir
33, Ananda Ghat.
Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta

Revered Sri Goswami Ji, 

Kindly accept my respectful obeisances. I have come to Vrindaban to see you specially on some important mission. 

The attention of Government is now turned to the side of reforming the religious activities of Indian sadhus and Sannyasis and they are now going to enact some statutes in this connection. Of course nothing is possible without the sanction of the Supreme Will of Sri Krishna but still man-made laws must have defects as the lawmakers are deficient in four primary principles of a conditioned soul. 

I have come to Vrindaban to consult with you if it is possible to form an association of the Vaisnavas of all Indian Sampradayas to protect the interest and principles of all the Acaryas: Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu amalgamated the views of all the previous Acaryas in His thesis of Acintya-bhedabheda Tattva explicitly explained by Sri Baladeva Vidyabhusana in his Govinda Bhasya of the Vedanta-sutra. 

My earnest desire is to form immediately an association of the Vaisnavas and for this purpose I have got one association registered and in the name and style of - 

The League of Devotees 

(Hindi script - Sarvabhauma Bhagavata Samaj) 

I hope in the meantime you have gone through the articles of my paper “Back to Godhead” and the spirit of my writings. I wish that you may kindly arrange for this association at Vrindaban and publish this paper “Back To Godhead” not only in English language but also in other Indian vernaculars under the name and style 

(Hindi script:) “Bhagavan Ki Katha” 

The news and views of the association “The League of Devotees” may be published with the Sampradaya’s interest and in that way the interest of the Vaisnavas will be protected from the onslaught of man-made laws. We may not have any objection for enacting a statute for controlling the unauthorized activities of unscrupulous Sadhus-but we must be prepared to protect the transcendental ideas enunciated by the great Acaryas. 

His Holiness Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami was the originator of Vaisnava Smrti in our Gaudiya Sampradaya and your good self is the worthy descendant of Sri Goswamiji. I hope you will kindly take this matter very seriously and accept my voluntary cooperation in this connection. 

Yours sincerely,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta 

Enclosure - 3. 

N.B. Some papers, in connection with the Delhi meeting of The League of Devotees, are enclosed herewith please find. ACB 

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