SB 9.19.7


tam eva preṣṭhatamayā
ramamāṇam ajānyayā
vilokya kūpa-saṁvignā
nāmṛṣyad basta-karma tat


tam—the he-goat; eva—indeed; preṣṭhatamayā—beloved; ramamāṇam—engaged in sexual activities; aja—the she-goat; anyaya—with another she-goat; vilokya—by seeing; kūpa-samvigna—the she-goat who had fallen into the well; na—not; amṛṣyat—tolerated; basta-karma—the business of the goat; tat—that (sex is accepted here as the business of the goat).


When the she-goat who had fallen into the well saw her beloved goat engaged in sexual affairs with another she-goat, she could not tolerate the goat’s activities.

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