SB 8.21.21


yo no bhavāya prāg āsīd
abhavāya divaukasām
sa eva bhagavān adya
vartate tad-viparyayam


yah—the time factor, which represents the Supreme Personality of Godhead; nah—of us; bhavaya—for the improvement; prāk—formerly; āsīt—was situated; abhavaya—for the defeat; diva-okasām—of the demigods; saḥ—that time factor; eva—indeed; bhagavan—the representative of the Supreme Person; adya—today; vartate—is existing; tat-viparyayam—just the opposite of our favor.


The supreme time factor, which represents the Supreme Person, was previously in our favor and not in favor of the demigods, but now that same time factor is against us.

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