SB 7.2.54

SB 7.2.54


kāmaṁ nayatu māṁ devaḥ
kim ardhenātmano hi me
dīnena jīvatā duḥkham
anena vidhurāyuṣā


kamam—as He likes; nayatu—let Him take away; mām—me; devah—the Supreme Lord; kim—what use; ardhena—with half; atmanah—of the body; hi—indeed; me—my; dinena—poor; jīvatā—living; duḥkham—in suffering; anena—this; vidhura-āyuṣā—having a lifetime full of affliction. 


If unkind Providence takes away my wife, who is half my body, why should He not take me also? What is the use of my living with half of my body, bereaved by loss of my wife? What shall I gain in this way? 

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