SB 6.13.19-20


athejyamāne puruṣe
aśvamedhe mahendreṇa
vitate brahma-vādibhiḥ

sa vai tvāṣṭra-vadho bhūyān
api pāpa-cayo nṛpa
nītas tenaiva śūnyāya
nīhāra iva bhānunā


atha—therefore; ijyamāne—when worshiped; puruse—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; sarva—all; deva-maya-ātmani—the Supersoul and maintainer of the demigods; aśvamedhe—through the aśvamedha-yajña; maha-indreṇa—by King Indra; vitate—being administered; brahma-vādibhiḥ—by the saints and brāhmaṇas expert in Vedic knowledge; saḥ—that; vai—indeed; tvastra-vadhaḥ—the killing of Vṛtrāsura, the son of Tvaṣṭā; bhūyāt—may be; api—although; pāpacayaḥ—mass of sin; nṛpa—O King; nitah—was brought; tena—by that (the horse sacrifice); eva—certainly; śūnyāya—to nothing; nīhāraḥ—fog; iva—like; bhānunā—by the brilliant sun.


The horse sacrifice performed by the saintly brāhmaṇas relieved Indra of the reactions to all his sins because he worshiped the Supreme Personality of Godhead in that sacrifice. O King, although he had committed a gravely sinful act, it was nullified at once by that sacrifice, just as fog is vanquished by the brilliant sunrise.

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