SB 5.9.8


pitary uparate bhrātara enam atat-prabhāva-vidas trayyāṁ vidyāyām eva paryavasita-matayo na para-vidyāyāṁ jaḍa-matir iti bhrātur anuśāsana-nirbandhān nyavṛtsanta.


pitari uparate—after the death of the father; bhrātaraḥ—the stepbrothers; enam—unto this Bharata (Jaḍa Bharata); a-tat-prabhava-vidaḥ—without understanding his exalted position; trayyām—of the three Vedas; vidyāyām—in the matter of material ritualistic knowledge; eva—indeed; paryavasita—settled; matayaḥ—whose minds; na—not; para-vidyāyām—in the transcendental knowledge of spiritual life (devotional service); jaḍa-matiḥ—most dull intelligence; iti—thus; bhrātuḥ—their brother (Jaḍa Bharata); anuśāsana-nirbandhāt—from the endeavor to teach; nyavṛtsanta—stopped.


After the father died, the nine stepbrothers of Jaḍa Bharata, who considered Jaḍa Bharata dull and brainless, abandoned the father’s attempt to give Jaḍa Bharata a complete education. The stepbrothers of Jaḍa Bharata were learned in the three Vedas—the Ṛg Veda, Sāma Veda and Yajur Veda—which very much encourage fruitive activity. The nine brothers were not at all spiritually enlightened in devotional service to the Lord. Consequently they could not understand the highly exalted position of Jaḍa Bharata.

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