SB 5.24.4


tato ‘dhastāt siddha-cāraṇa-vidyādharāṇāṁ sadanāni tāvan mātra eva.


tatah—the planet Rāhu; adhastāt—below; siddha-carana—of the planets known as Siddhaloka and Cāraṇaloka; vidyādharāṇām—and the planets of the Vidyādharas; sadanāni—the residential places; tāvat matra—only that much distance (eighty thousand miles); eva—indeed.


Below Rāhu by 10,000 yojanas [80,000 miles] are the planets known as Siddhaloka, Cāraṇaloka and Vidyādhara-loka.


It is said that the residents of Siddhaloka, being naturally endowed with the powers of yogīs, can go from one planet to another by their natural mystic powers without using airplanes or similar machines.

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