SB 3.9.30

भूयस्त्वं तप आतिष्ठ विद्यां चैव मदाश्रयाम् ।
ताभ्यामन्तर्हृदि ब्रह्मन्लोकान्द्रक्ष्यस्यपावृतान् ॥३०॥


bhūyas tvaṁ tapa ātiṣṭha
vidyāṁ caiva mad-āśrayām
tābhyām antar-hṛdi brahman
lokān drakṣyasy apāvṛtān


bhuyah—again; tvam—yourself; tapah—penance; ātiṣṭha—be situated; vidyām—in the knowledge; ca—also; eva—certainly; mat—My; asrayam—under the protection; tābhyām—by those qualifications; antah—within; hṛdi—in the heart; brahman—O brāhmaṇa; lokān—all the worlds; drakṣyasi—you will see; apāvṛtān—all disclosed.


O Brahmā, situate yourself in penance and meditation and follow the principles of knowledge to receive My favor. By these actions you will be able to understand everything from within your heart.


The mercy the Lord bestows upon a particular person engaged in executing the responsible work entrusted unto him is beyond imagination. But His mercy is received due to our penance and perseverance in executing devotional service. Brahmā was entrusted with the work of creating the planetary systems. The Lord instructed him that when he meditated he would very easily know where and how the planetary systems must be arranged. The directions were to come from within, and there was no necessity for anxiety in that task. Such instructions of buddhi-yoga are directly imparted by the Lord from within, as confirmed in Bhagavad-gītā (Bg. 10.10).

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