SB 3.7.41

SB 3.7.41

सर्वे वेदाश्च यज्ञाश्च तपो दानानि चानघ ।
जीवाभयप्रदानस्य न कुर्वीरन्कलामपि ॥४१॥


sarve vedāś ca yajñāś ca
tapo dānāni cānagha
na kurvīran kalām api


sarve—all kinds of; vedah—divisions of the Vedas; ca—also; yajnah—sacrifices; ca—also; tapah—penances; dānāni—charities; ca—and; anagha—O spotless one; jīva—the living entity; abhaya—immunity from material pangs; pradānasya—of one who gives such assurance; na—not; kurvīran—can he equalized; kalam—even partially; api—certainly.


O spotless one, your answers to all these questions will grant immunity from all material miseries. Such charity is greater than all Vedic charities, sacrifices, penances, etc.


The highest perfectional work of charity is to give people in general immunity from the anxieties of material existence. This can be done only by performing activities in devotional service to the Lord. Such knowledge is incomparable. Cultivation of the knowledge in the Vedas, performance of sacrifice, and distribution of munificent charities all together cannot form even a part of the immunity from the pangs of material existence that is gained from devotional service. The charity of Maitreya not only will help Vidura, but, due to its universal nature, will deliver all others in all times. Thus Maitreya is immortal.

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