SB 1.5.18

तस्यैव हेतोः प्रयतेत कोविदो न लभ्यते यद्भ्रमतामुपर्यधः ।
तल्लभ्यते दुःखवदन्यतः सुखं कालेन सर्वत्र गभीररंहसा ॥१८॥


tasyaiva hetoḥ prayateta kovido
na labhyate yad bhramatām upary adhaḥ
tal labhyate duḥkhavad anyataḥ sukhaṁ
kālena sarvatra gabhīra-raṁhasā


tasyaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigtasya

and from him; Bali Mahārāja; before him (King Rantideva); by Him; by His; for Him; for that purpose; for the King; from him (Aśvamedhaja); from him (Devakṣatra); from him (Mahīnara); from him (Punarvasu); from him (Vibhu); from him; from Samaratha; he; his (Agnivarṇa's); his (Dakṣa's); his (Dhruva Mahārāja's); his (Jīmūta's son); his (Mahārāja Bharata's); his (Maitreya's); his (Nandīśvara's); his (Niṣāda's); his (of Mahārāja Parīkṣit); his (Purañjaya's); his (Purūravā's); his (Rantināva's); his (Sandhi's); his (son); His (the gigantic form's); his (the sage's); his (Vikukṣi's); his (Vyāsa's); his; his dead body; his son; in the service of Purañjaya; its; of Bali Mahārāja; of Citrasena; of Devamīḍha; of Dhruva; of Dhruva Mahārāja; of Durvāsā; of Gādhi; of He who is the Supreme Lord; of him (a student studying the Vedas); of him (Ajāmila); of him (Ambarīṣa); with him.
—for that purpose; evaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigeva

alone; also; also the word eva; although; as; as it is; as it were; as much as; as they are; at all; at that time; certainly; certainly,; certainty; completely; definitely; even; ever; exactly; exactly like; factually; Himself; immediately; in fact; in this way; indeed; it is all like that; just; just so; like; like that; like this; of course; on the very; only; quite; simply; so; surely; the word eva; they are; thus; truly; undoubtedly; very; without doubt.
—only; hetoḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bighetoḥ

for reason; for the reason; for what reason; from some cause; in exchange; of the cause; reason; which is the cause.
—reason; prayatetaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigprayateta

should endeavor.
—should endeavor; kovidaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkovidah

expert; one who is learned and intelligent; one who is philosophically inclined.
—one who is philosophically inclined; naplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigna

never; not; are not; but not; cannot; certainly not; could not; did not; do not; does it not; does not; is not; it is not; it is not so; may not; neither; never; never does; never to be; no; no one; none; nor; not; not like that; not preceded by oṁ; not suitable; nothing; or not; shall not; should never; there is none; there is not; there should not be; was not; whether; without.
labhyateplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biglabhyate

can be obtained; is achieved; is available; is obtainable; is obtained.
—is not obtained; yatplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigyat

which; about whom; all these; all those; although; and as; and whichever; anything; as; as a matter of fact; as it is; as its; as much as; as they are; because; because of; because of which; because of whom; by the result of which; by the Supreme Lord; by which; by which way; by whom (the Supreme Lord); by whom; by whose; by whose merciful; even though; everything that was required; fixed under Your direction; for; for which; from both of whom; from him; from which; from whom; from whose; from Yuyudha; he whose; his; His eternal form which; his son; if; in which; in whom; inasmuch as; Kṛṣṇa; now further; of him (Somāpi); of him; of Lakṣmī, the goddess of fortune; of the fire-gods; of the Lord; of the Supreme Lord; of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; of which (the intermediate space); of which; of whom (of the Supreme Lord); who; who is; whom; whose; whose form; Your.
—what; bhramatāmplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigbhramatām

of those turning around; of those wandering; wandering.
—wandering; upariplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigupari

above (in the higher planetary systems); above; from the upper lip; high; on; on his head; on the head; on the top of; on top; on top of the child; over; up; upon; upon the back; upward.
adhaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigadhah

below; beneath; down; down at the foot of Govardhana Hill; down into material existence again; downward; downward into hellish conditions; downwards; into hellish conditions of life; low; on the earth; on the floor; to a hellish condition of life; underneath.
—from top to bottom; tatplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigtat

establishment of the statement tat tvam asi.
—that; labhyateplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biglabhyate

can be obtained; is achieved; is available; is obtainable; is obtained.
—can be obtained; duḥkhavatplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigduḥkhavat

exactly like unhappiness or distress; like the miseries.
—like the miseries; anyataḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biganyataḥ

as a result of previous work; by any other means; by others; from any other means; from any other source; from other reasons (one's past actions); in other places; otherwise; to another side; to still another side; with other boys.
—as a result of previous work; sukhamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsukham

all happiness; all right; amenities; any happiness; comfortable; comfortably; convenient; easily; happily; happiness; happiness due to pious activities; happy; in happiness; in pleasure; is all well; material happiness; sense enjoyment; Sukha; transcendental happiness; without difficulty.
—sense enjoyment; kālenaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkālena

because of the influence of time; because of time (the end of Brahmā's day); because of years of fighting; by a favorable time (or kāvyena---by Śukrācārya); by due course of time (the land and other material things become purified); by means of the eternal kāla; by the course of time; by the eternal time; by the influence of time; by the time factor; by time; duration; eternal time; for many years; in course of time; in due course of time (after millions and millions of years); in due course of time; in the course of time; in time; of time; time; with the course of time.
—in course of time; sarvatraplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsarvatra

all around; all over; always and everywhere within this universe; everywhere (all-pervading); everywhere (in any form of life); everywhere; everywhere in this material world; everywhere, or in the heart of every living being; in all space and time; in every respect.
—everywhere; gabhīraplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biggabhira

deep; insurmountable; subtle.
—subtle; raṁhasāplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigraṁhasā

by great force; by potency; by the force of; due to the intolerable force; forceful; having force; progress; swiftly; whose force; with great force; with great velocity.


Persons who are actually intelligent and philosophically inclined should endeavor only for that purposeful end which is not obtainable even by wandering from the topmost planet [Brahmaloka] down to the lowest planet [Pātāla]. As far as happiness derived from sense enjoyment is concerned, it can be obtained automatically in course of time, just as in course of time we obtain miseries even though we do not desire them. 


Every man everywhere is trying to obtain the greatest amount of sense enjoyment by various endeavors. Some men are busy engaged in trade, industry, economic development, political supremacy, etc., and some of them are engaged in fruitive work to become happy in the next life by attaining higher planets. It is said that on the moon the inhabitants are fit for greater sense enjoyment by drinking soma-rasa, and the Pitṛloka is obtained by good charitable work. So there are various programs for sense enjoyment, either during this life or in the life after death. Some are trying to reach the moon or other planets by some mechanical arrangement, for they are very anxious to get into such planets without doing good work. But it is not to happen. By the law of the Supreme, different places are meant for different grades of living beings according to the work they have performed. By good work only, as prescribed in the scriptures, can one obtain birth in a good family, opulence, good education and good bodily features. We see also that even in this life one obtains a good education or money by good work. Similarly, in our next birth we get such desirable positions only by good work. Otherwise, it would not so happen that two persons born in the same place at the same time are seen differently placed according to previous work. But all such material positions are impermanent. The positions in the topmost Brahmaloka and in the lowest Pātāla are also changeable according to our own work. The philosophically inclined person must not be tempted by such changeable positions. He should try to get into the permanent life of bliss and knowledge where he will not be forced to come back again to the miserable material world, either in this or that planet. Miseries and mixed happiness are two features of material life, and they are obtained in Brahmaloka and in other lokas also. They are obtained in the life of the demigods and also in the life of the dogs and hogs. The miseries and mixed happiness of all living beings are only of different degree and quality, but no one is free from the miseries of birth, death, old age and disease. Similarly, everyone has his destined happiness also. No one can get more or less of these things simply by personal endeavors. Even if they are obtained, they can be lost again. One should not, therefore, waste time with these flimsy things; one should only endeavor to go back to Godhead. That should be the mission of everyone’s life.