SB 1.15.2

शोकेन शुष्यद्वदन हृत्सरोजो हतप्रभः ।
विभुं तमेवानुस्मरन्नाशक्नोत्प्रतिभाषितुम् ॥२॥


śokena śuṣyad-vadana-
hṛt-sarojo hata-prabhaḥ
vibhuṁ tam evānusmaran
nāśaknot pratibhāṣitum


śokena—due to bereavement; śuṣyat-vadana—drying up of the mouth; hṛt-sarojaḥ—lotuslike heart; hata—lost; prabhah—bodily luster; vibhum—the Supreme; tam—unto Lord Kṛṣṇa; eva—certainly; anusmaran—thinking within; na—could not; aśaknot—be able; pratibhāṣitum—properly replying.


Due to grief, Arjuna’s mouth and lotuslike heart had dried up. Therefore his body lost all luster. Now, remembering the Supreme Lord, he could hardly utter a word in reply.

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