SB 1.13.5

प्रत्युज्जग्मुः प्रहर्षेण प्राणं तन्व इवागतम् ।
अभिसङ्गम्य विधिवत्परिष्वङ्गाभिवादनैः ॥५॥


pratyujjagmuḥ praharṣeṇa
prāṇaṁ tanva ivāgatam
abhisaṅgamya vidhivat


prati—towards; ujjagmuḥ—went; praharṣeṇa—with great delight; prāṇam—life; tanvaḥ—of the body; iva—like; agatam—returned; abhisaṅgamya—approaching; vidhi-vat—in due form; pariṣvaṅga—embracing; abhivādanaiḥ—by obeisances. 


With great delight they all approached him, as if life had returned to their bodies. They exchanged obeisances and welcomed each other with embraces. 


In the absence of consciousness, the limbs of the body remain inactive. But when consciousness returns, the limbs and senses become active, and existence itself becomes delightful. Vidura was so dear to the members of the Kaurava family that his long absence from the palace was comparable to inactivity. All of them were feeling acute separation from Vidura, and therefore his return to the palace was joyful for all. 

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