Cc. Madhya 9.72


pakṣi-tīrtha dekhi’ kaila śiva daraśana
vṛddhakola-tīrthe tabe karilā gamana


paksi-tīrtha dekhi—after visiting the place known as Pakṣi-tīrtha; kaila—did; siva daraśana—visiting the temple of Lord Śiva; vṛddhakola-tīrthe—to the holy place known as Vṛddhakola; tabe—then; karila gamana—went. 


At Pakṣi-tīrtha, Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu visited the temple of Lord Śiva. Then He went to the Vṛddhakola place of pilgrimage. 


Pakṣi-tīrtha, also called Tirukāḍi-kuṇḍam, is located nine miles southeast of Ciṁlipaṭ. It has a five-hundred-foot elevation and is situated in a chain of hills known as Vedagiri or Vedācalam. There is a temple of Lord Śiva there, and the deity is known as Vedagirīśvara. Two birds come there daily to receive food from the temple priest, and it is claimed that they have been coming since time immemorial. 

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