Cc. Madhya 10.146


nirvicāraṁ guror ājñā
mayā kāryā mahātmanaḥ
śreyo hy evaṁ bhavatyāś ca
mama caiva viśeṣataḥ


nirvicāram—to be obeyed without consideration; guroḥ—of the spiritual master; ajna—the order; maya—by Me; karya—must be done; maha-atmanah—of the great soul; sreyah—good fortune; hi—indeed; evam—thus; bhavatyāḥ—for you; ca—and; Mama—for Me; ca—also; eva—certainly; viśeṣataḥ—specifically.


“ ‘The order of a great personality like a father must be executed without consideration because there is good fortune in such an order for both of us. In particular, there is good fortune for Me.’ “

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