Bg. 18.29

बुद्धेर्भेदं धृतेश्चैव गुणतस्त्रिविधं शृणु ।
प्रोच्यमानमशेषेण पृथक्त्वेन धनञ्जय ॥२९॥


buddher bhedaṁ dhṛteś caiva
guṇatas tri-vidhaṁ śṛṇu
procyamānam aśeṣeṇa
pṛthaktvena dhanañjaya


buddheḥ—of intelligence; bhedam—differences; dhṛteḥ—of steadiness; ca—also; eva—certainly; guṇataḥ—by the modes of material nature; tri-vidham—the three kinds of; srnu—just hear; procyamānam—as described by Me; aśeṣeṇa—in detail; pṛthaktvena—differently; dhanañjaya—O winner of wealth. 


Now, O winner of wealth, please listen as I tell you in detail of the three kinds of understanding and determination according to the three modes of nature. 


Now after explaining knowledge, the object of knowledge and the knower, in three different divisions according to modes of material nature, the Lord is explaining the intelligence and determination of the worker in the same way. 

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